2009 April : focus to infinity

Baby Bubble.

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Domesticity strikes again.
I have just about the cutest photos you’ve ever seen. Miss Hadley Clara Noonan playing in bubbles. Hadley is the daughter of some AMAZINGLY good friends and good people, Liz and Dan.

She’s a one year old, and I LOVE that she has the beginning sparks of a personality. I can dance around their kitchen with her, and she laughs hysterically when I spin. When she does something goofy, and you laugh, she laughs back even harder. AND she said my name the other day, which pleases me greatly.



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Hi all.. sorry about the extended absence. I promise a real post tomorrow, but for today, I’m reposting my Senegal video for the absolutely wonderful women at UNIFEM (more on that later)…

Video time kiddies.

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I kind of feel like a cheat by putting up stuff I didn’t create, but sharing is caring, right? And I feel the need to share this video with you.

This is a preview of the movie Where the Wild Things Are… I loved this book. It was kinda creepy as I remember it, but I’m sure there was some underlying socio-economic message to the whole thing… I’m going to go look for that book right now, actually…

Colorful Chinatown

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This is about a month after the fact, but Susie Mbaye and I had a lovely spring day in Chinatown a few weeks ago. I probably had one of the best lunches of my life (bubble tea and hot braised beans — not together). Susie had some pineapple fried rice concoction, the likes of which was presented beautifully. I can’t remember what Mbaye had, but it sure involved rice and chicken. Yummmm..


If you’re ever in Chicago, I would highly recommend taking the Red Line to Chinatown. It’s a nice little day…especially if you’re in the market for a mini Buddha statue. There are about 3.2 million to choose from..