2009 May : focus to infinity

stairways to nowhere

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There were these unfinished steps along the Rue de l’Aeroport here that I’d been wanting to photograph all last summer. They were (not too surprisingly) still unfinished when I recently returned. stairs.jpgstairs2.jpgstairs3.jpgstairs4.jpgstairs5.jpg

I think I’m being followed

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About 30 minutes into my beach run the other day, this kid with a wire wheel and metal stick that pushed said wheel, began to follow me. At first I thought we were just heading the same direction, but then I noticed when I slowed, he slowed, and when I sped up, he sped up. He didn’t say a word to me, and each time I looked over at him, he would keep looking straight ahead and not make eye contact with me at all. No one else on the very crowded beach said anything to him as we ran by, and after 30 minutes of him following me, I began to wonder if he was a figment of my imagination. The wheel he was pushing reminded me of something out of 1950s Americana. Eventually, I took a photo. So yes, he does exist. And he has some darn good stamina. We ran together for 45 minutes…kid-on-beach.jpg

At the edge of the world…

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Guess where I ammmmmm?



Webby Update and Late M-day

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When I once asked a wise photojournalist about whether I should put ‘photojournalist’ or ‘multimedia journalist’ on my website, she said to me: “One day you will just know which one you are. It will be easy, then.” I know now. And so does my website — it’s a faster version now, in case you want to visit. www.riccimedia.com.

And for a late mother’s day — here’s my absolutely lovely mother, Miss Beth Shryock. She’s the best mom anyone could ask for — supporting, caring — all that good stuff. And she takes all my sister and I’s joking with a nice smile and nod. Sometimes she says she wishes she could have taught me how to cook, clean.. that girly stuff. But she was a single mom, and she taught me some stuff SO MUCH BETTER. She taught me how to be a good person (still working on that one!), how to look at life with a positive outlook and how to be strong. Whenever I was little, and I would get angry at someone or something, she would force me to take a step back, look at it from the other perspective, and try to understand why the person or event had happened. She taught me compassion, which is darn important if you ask me. PLUS she taught me square roots on long care rides when I was five (she’s a high school math teacher). This might sound like torture to you, but one of my first memories is sitting in the front seat of my mom’s car, listening to her explain why 3 is the square root of 9, and thinking that was SO COOL how that worked out mathmatically. So yes, she also taught me how to be a dork.. thanks Mom! Love you!

Have a happy Wednesday!


Cat’s Meow

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From Dogs to Cats. Trying to keep a theme going apparently. Here’s my friend Christine’s Cat Kaylee.. she’s kinda mean (Kaylee, not Christine), but she’s got huge green eyes that rock.cat1.jpgcat2.jpgcat3.jpg

When the dog walks you

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Sometimes you feel like you’ve got life under control. And sometimes, you feel like life’s got you under control. Now is one of the latter for me. And to illustrate, here is a photo…



I heart West Virginia

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I fell in love with Wheeling, West Virginia the other day. It’s this little town right over the river that marks the border between Ohio and West Virginia. It’s got all these burnt out factories, and it was like traveling through time. It’s nestled in the mountains, and apparently in 1769, Ebenezer Zane claimed the territory by ‘tomahawk rites.’

Here’s some pho-tos: westvirginia.jpgwestvirginia2.jpgwestvirginia3.jpgwestvirginia4.jpg


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Me: I’ve decided to learn how to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the harmonica.

My sister: What?!

Me (louder and slower): I’ve decided to learn how…

My sister: I heard what you said.

I’ve got the harmonica, and I’ve been practicing “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” “Moon River,” and “You are my Sunshine.”

Consider yourself warned.