2009 September : focus to infinity

Illegal taxis

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Holiday today (kind of) here in Senegal. At the end of Ramadan everyone celebrates the end of fasting by feasting (makes sense).

Every other Muslim celebrated yesterday it seems, except the Mourides — one of the sects here in Senegal.  Most of the taximen are Mourides, so the  roads were scarce this morning. I was on my way to the bus stop, when a clando — or clandestine taxi — pulled up beside of me.

“Where you going?”


“Get in.”

“I’m getting the bus – it’s only 200 CFA.”

“I’ll take you there for 200 CFA (about  50 cents), too.”




His name was Doo Doo. I gave him 500 CFA anyways.

More flood photos in 3,2, 1..floods_red-cross_ricci-shryock_146.jpgfloods_red-cross_ricci-shryock_176.jpgfloods_red-cross_ricci-shryock_213.jpg

Bonne Weekend

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I’m still shooting silhouettes here in Senegal. These most recent ones are from the pilgrimage I went on last month.

Random thoughts for the day:

Ate Ethiopian food with some friends last night. Lentils, Flag and good conversation.. hard to beat.

I have been in what I call “consumer mood” lately, which is a hard mood to be in when you live in Senegal and there is nowhere really good to shop. This is a also a good thing though, for obvious reasons.

Related to consumer mood: My future roommate and I are having the furniture for our apartment made this weekend (well, we’re putting in the order with the carpenture anyway — won’t be made yet). I have decided to ask him for the scraps of wood, and then we will have a painting party when we move in where everyone paints a picture on the scraps of wood of someone else. This will be our house artwork.

I think that is all for now. Work is going really well (gratitude), and I have some interesting things to share very soon (inchallah).  Hint: A new story I get to do that — key words rhyme with Siberia and Smurfing.

Bonne weekend a tout le monde!baye-fall-2_18.jpgbaye-fall-2_21.jpgbaye-fall-2_22.jpgbaye-fall-2_25.jpg


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Wow. Long time, no posts. I’ve had a lot of actual work to finish lately. Badly neglected my photoblog. Boo to me.

A couple of weeks ago the Red Cross had me go out with them while they were delivering aid to people whose homes have been flooded during this rainy season. And WHAT a rainy season it has been. Last year I am sure it did not downpour this much. One of the guardians had to give me a piggy back ride from the curb to the office door the other day because the roads/entry way was so flooded. Every time I get in a cab I joke how what he really needs is a nice pirogue this time of year (that one just never gets old :) . But the truth of the matter a lot of poeple are terribly flooded by the rains. It is a long, complicated story that has to do with a drought, people thinking the lowlands were ok to live in because of said drought, and now rainy season has proved that was actually not a good idea. Good stories have been written about it.. Fid and Rukmini doing their j-part. Me? I took some photos. I took a LOT of photos. Here are just a couple… more to come..