2009 October : focus to infinity

Gorgeous short film

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This is just beautiful, funny and all around greatness

Binta and the Great Idea

Tour of the new apartment

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This is my seventh apartment in two years. SEV-ENTH.

‘So Ricci, when are you coming back?’ is a question I get a lot, from most everyone.

‘I don’t know,’ is the only truth I can tell them.

Here’s a few things I do know:

The scarves in the corner of the bedroom photo are from Missouri, Spain, Senegal, Chicago.. I don’t know where else. I try to get a scarf from everywhere I visit. They’re lightweight, I use them and they’re purty.

Our bed hasn’t yet come in (been ordered from a carpenter who will make it). It will be my first real bed in two years.

Somehow we managed to fit all our clothes into one tiny armoire. Yay us!

The living room is emtpy in this photo, but now it has four comfy pieces of furniture which were re-covered in an unfortunate African cloth that is orange and black. Those were the colors of my high school teams — Go Bombers!

Every room in this house opens to the outdoors. This is my favorite kind of house.

The best home I know right now is that man sitting at the too-small desk that I just got made from a carpenter. (should have ordered regular size ).

and now for the tour..

we’ll start in the bedroom:bedroom.jpg

now when you walk out the bedroom door and look right you see this hallway leading to the kitchen:hallway1.jpg

And if you turn left from the broom you enter the HUGE living room with TALL ceilingssalon.jpg

And just off the living room is the balcony (we’re on the second floor)balcon.jpg

Now going back through the living, and walk down the hallway to turn around (view from kitchen… our bedroom is that last door on the left)halway2.jpg

Then.. the best part: rooftop terrace!!!terrrace11.jpgterrace2.jpg

and here are a couple of laundry abstracts just for fun..laundry1.jpglaundry2.jpg

from the peanut gallery

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I got this from a stellar photoblog (American photog based in Liberia).


On the Catwalk

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Had a deliciously old school Dakar weekend the past few days: Took photos. Danced till 7 am. Ate Ceeb with Senegalese family. Watched a Foot/Soccer match. (Mbaye scored two goals and an amazing windmill-kick-thingy assist pass–woop!)

Can’t yet share from Friday’s shoot, which was the West African leg of an Elite Look Model Search. At the press conference before this event I got stuck in a small elevator (think Euro elevator) with SIX OF THESE MODELS. Six women — all at least a foot taller than me (they had heels on). To be honest, I don’t even know if they saw me in the elevator. It was ok though, because I had my camera. I always feel taller with my camera on me. :)