2010 February : focus to infinity

On my desktop

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I am currently pretty in love with Malick Sidibe, a Malian photographer born in the mid-1930′s.I’ve had this photo on my desktop for the past two months…sidibe_6.jpegAnd I love that the dude is 70+ and recently had a great spread in The New York Times Magazine..


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Was shooting an assignment in Thies, Senegal the other day, when the obligatory gaggle of children surrounded me and demanded ‘photo! photo!’ I tried to calm them down and explain I was busy for a moment, but the reporter was talking to some sources whom I wasn’t going to photograph. So after a minute I corralled them all, and one-by-one, took a close-up. They were quiet and everything. It was like a Christmas mirace.

Portraits from Ricci Media on Vimeo.

Woo hoo! Baye Fall video is up

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I’ve been following Baye Falls, a group of Muslim men, around Senegal for about six months. I’ve been pitching the idea much longer, but after no one eventually bit, I just decided to start shooting and make a project anyway. Finally, VJ Movement liked a video pitch about their music, and thus this video is published! You’ll probably — hopefully — see more stuff about Baye Falls from me some time in the future. But for now, here’s the video! (ps.. I’ve embedded it, but please click on the link and watch it – at least for a few seconds — merci!):http://www.vjmovement.com/truth/600


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Senegal. Mamadou’s Family. 2009.dsc_9915-1.jpg