2010 November : focus to infinity

Free as a bird

November 23, 2010 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 3 Comments 

Birds love to fly into our salon. And I love to shoot them. (With my camera that is.. Ha. Ha. Ha.)bird-and-adja-crop.jpg

Tried but true

November 18, 2010 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 1 Comment 

Went to the lovely petite amusement park with the nieces and cousins this week. It was kind of deserted but for one or two kids on every ride. It gave the brightly lit, colorful rides a bit of a melancholy feel – like they had been abandoned a la Toy Story 3 by their kiddos.dsc_8309.jpgdsc_8255.jpgdsc_8389-version-2.jpg 


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We went to the beach last weekend so that I could shoot a fishing contest that was supposed to bring in some large fishies. While we waited for the mostly-French crowd to bring in their day’s catch, I decided the golden sunset lighting was too good to pass up while waiting, and I walked over and shot some lads on the beach playing barefoot soccer. Then I randomly got to meet phenomenal photojournalist, Tyler Hicks, who was introduced to me by a mutual friend whom I saw on the beach. All in all.. a very, very lovely Sunday.dsc_8067.jpgdsc_8042.jpgdsc_8053.jpgdsc_8130.jpgdsc_8121.jpg

Get on the bus.

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Public Transport in Dakar is nothing if not colorful. And loud. And usually pretty crowded and hot.Complete with men hanging off the back of the bus screaming “Dakar! Dakar! Dakar!” dsc_7887-version-2.jpg