2011 March : focus to infinity

Back in Five

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Hello, lovely blog readers.I am in the middle of moving and will be back to posting in a few days.I would post a photo right now, but I’m on this weird Internet key thing. It’s great, but I have a ‘data limit.’ Though I usually like to ‘push the limits’ (ha. ha. ha.), I would be upset (lost) if they cut of my internet.a bientot!

Americana : Primary Colors

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Driving around my hometown of Macomb, Illinois, I’m always inspired to photograph everything I see. Mainly because I feel like it might slip away at any moment, which is an odd feeling, because I’m pretty sure it’s barely changed since the 20-or so years ago we first moved there. Shooting your hometown is a funny thing because you see it in such a personal way. To me, it’s almost like a self-portrait. The other day we were driving around and I noticed a lot of primary colors popping out against a springtime sky. So that’s what we’ve got here.

 ps: The fourth photo is The Little Java House. They have a gazillion flavors of sugar-free syrup and today I got a Springtime in Paris Latte at 6:30 in the morning — that’s farmers’ coffee time. If I were to ever move back to Macomb, The Little Java House might be the reason.


Stop. Motion. GO.

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Dakar is one of those cities that is always in motion. Always a taxi swerving past a lady selling something to a guy walking to meet his friends playing football. So how better to illustrate that than stand on a bridge, take a bunch of photos, and edit them all together to a song by Senegalese musician Niagess. The song is ‘Buegga Dem,’ which means ‘Desire to Go.’

Multimedia Mama – On the Road, Sans Baby

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This weekend I took my first trip without Amelia. It was only for about 48 hours in all, but I realized it would be the first time I wouldn’t sleep in the same room as her since she was born 4.5 months ago.


I had heard a lot of mothers who have had problems with this, and in all honesty, I did not have any angst at all. In fact, most of my angst came from feeling a bit guilty that I missed my husband more than my baby.


Of course, this was a super short trip, and I was with friends and/or doing work stuff literally every minute of the trip when I was not sleeping. Maybe if I had stayed in a hotel room all by myself or something, it would have been of worse. And then of course there is the fact that Amelia was with my husband and my mother, so she was in more than wonderful hands the entire time.


As I said, the most anxiety I experienced was guilt from not being too torn up about it. But then I realized that just because other mothers might have a hard time leaving their infant for two days, does not mean I should. I’m plenty neurotic about other things that surely most sane women do not worry about.  Besides, if all babies are different, shouldn’t all mothers be, too?


And to top it off, we had a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. At the time, Amelia could sit up for about five or so seconds on her own, and then she slowly falls over. It’s kind of a slow motion fall, and we actually think it’s funny (she’s falling on a bed, and she seems to have a good time out of it, too). Anyway, so I obviously got some shots of the fall and put together this animated gif. After watching it, I realized that it is basically my poor little baby falling over and over again. I can assure you, she only fell over once for this photo.