2011 May : focus to infinity

Multimedia Mama: An Ode to Mobility

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I wrote a really sappy post for Mother’s Day. But that can wait. For now, let us focus on the classic tale of one heroine’s struggle to conquer her utensil.

The Land of 1,000 Snookis

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I admit it. I’ve watched Jersey Shore. I blame my husband, who thinks the whole thing is hilarious and insists on watching it. I tell people he likes it because you know, for him, it’s a cultural exploration. “It’s like watching the National Geographic Channel.. only the ‘tribe’ lives in New Jersey.”But when I was back in my hometown, which is a lovely Midwestern small town full of educated and kind people, I noticed that the bars were FULL OF SNOOKIS. My hometown is a college town, and everyone between the ages of 18-21 seemed to believe they were a character on Jersey Shore.The whole bar scene of debauchery full of over-indulgent alcohol and sex actually brought to mind “last days of Rome,” type images, but I was also watching a lot of Spartacus at the time, so maybe that had something to do with it.dsc_5268.pngdsc_5284.pngdsc_5336.jpgdsc_5367.jpgdsc_5326.jpgdsc_5402.jpgdsc_5423.jpgdsc_5467.jpgdsc_5524.jpgdsc_5540.jpg

Sneak Peek : Jersey Shore in the Midwest

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Before I left Macomb I went to one of the biggest clubs/bars in my hometown, which is also a college town. I wanted to shoot all the young’uns, because they all seemed to remind me of little Snookis from Jersey Shore. I wonder if this means I’m old? More photos to come, but here’s a sneak peek:dsc_5313.jpg

Death of Osama bin Laden – Reaction in DC

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Got up with Mbaye at 4:20 am this morning. We rode the Metro together into DC and got off at Metro Center. He turned left to go to work. I turned right to photograph people who had gathered outside the White House after news broke of Osama bin Laden’s death during a firefight with US forces in Pakistan.There were but a dozen or so people there at 7 am.Dan  Parker left his home in Shamokin, PA at 1:30 am to drive to DC and ‘experience history.’dsc_6128.jpgA man calls out in Muslim prayer in front of the white house.dsc_6271.jpgAnother bystander held a sign demanding Obama to bring the troops home.dsc_6308.jpgdsc_6314.jpg