2011 June : focus to infinity

The Electric Revolution*

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*(blog title wordage stolen from Rose Skelton)

Poetry. Photography. Prophetic.

Months after Keyti posted the video below, Senegalese youth, angry over electricity shortages, are burning government buildings and offices in Dakar. This has been brewing.  Thursday’s protests got Parliament to retract a bill that could have essentially handed the presidency to current ruler Maitre Abdoulaye Wade next year with a mere 25% of the vote.

This is even more harmful than it seems when one takes into account the way elections work in several African countries, where oppositions are splintered. They use the first round of elections to weed out contenders and then two or three candidates face off against each other.

To put it in US terms, it would essentially be like having the US elections during this year’s Iowa caucus and pitting Obama against Romney, Bachman, Pawlenty, et. al and saying anyone who got 25% of the vote could walk away the winner.

So check out this poetry masterpiece.

Keyti: Poetry in the Street (Dakar, Senegal) from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.

My two favorites to overexpose

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An amazing father celebrate’s his first Father’s Day.

Merci Mbaye Ndaw. Tu es le meilleur papa pour Amelia.mbaye2.jpg