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Midweek News Break

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Midweek News…

I had an interesting discussion with both my cousin and a good friend over the Christmas holiday. Both of them are in the medical field, and they both said they wanted to know more about international news, but they just didn’t have time to cull through the inundation of various outlets and headlines. So I asked them if they would be interested in a summary I put together of different international events for them every once and a while. They said yes, so I’m going to do MY BEST to quickly highlight some of the issues I follow at least once a week. The goal is for it to take no more than five minutes to run down a few things that are happening. I can’t offer an in-depth analysis, nor original reporting for most of this, but instead of continuting to complain about a lack of good international news options in the US, I figured I would do at least some small thing to make the situation better. Admittedly, most of this will focus on Africa and Europe more than say South America or Asia. But I’ll work on that. So, here’s the first midweek round-up of some international news stories that I’m currently following.


1.    Turnover in Tunisia


For 23 years, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali ruled as president of this North African country. But this month protests and uprisings caused the president to resign his post and flee to Saudi Arabia. Tunisia is now in the midst of restructuring and is expected to hold its first cabinet meeting Thursday.



2. 50th anniversary of Patrice Lumumba assassination


I enjoyed reading this critical piece on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba —an essential figure in the Congo’s struggle for independence.




3.    Ivory Coast : Two Presidents, Zero Solutions


Of course I’m following the continued crisis in Ivory Coast—the country in West Africa that has been in turmoil since elections in November ended with the popular vote electing one man, but the ruling president said the elections weren’t fair, and he has continued to stay in office.




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